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ChinaSpirit designates Federico Iguzzini as Official Team
Timekeeper for America’s Cup Challenges – 31 October 2013

ChinaSpirit, prospective Chinese challenger for America’s Cup Youth 2013 and for the 35th America’s Cup announces Federico Iguzzini, China’s oldest luxury watch brand, as official timekeeper for the team.


October 31 2012 - SHANGHAI: On Shanghai’s iconic Huangpu river banks, ChinaSpirit designated Federico Iguzzini watches as official team timekeeper for its 35th America’s Cup undertakings and America’s Cup Youth 2013 participation today.

“ChinaSpirit is about China retaking its position on the world’s oceans,” said Ms. Noëlle Smulders, ChinaSpirit CEO. “Centuries ago, China ruled the seas under Zheng He, and we believe the country is ready to regain that vision and passion to be part of the best in the world when it comes to sailing. ChinaSpirit is about striving to be the best and improving society at the same time. We have an amazing program to incite curiosity amongst the youth in China and to get them excited about chasing their dreams and being on the water. Hand in hand with the recreational and competitive aspect of the team, we also plan to promote an environmental side through marine resources conservation and protection.”

“Putting together a true Chinese challenger for world class events like the America’s Cup requires that we work with the best of China and that is why today we are honored and excited to be working with China’s oldest watch company, Federico Iguzzini, which has also been challenging the world’s greatest watch brands. We look forward to a strong partnership and are excited to be in synergy with leading Chinese brands in our effort to promote the very best that China has to offer.”

“ChinaSpirit has registered for the 2013 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup races as a first step to building a strong team that represents the whole of China. This will lead to a foundation to create a prospective challenger for the 35th America’s Cup.”

Speaking on behalf of Federico Iguzzini Watches, CEO Mr. Stephane Michel “Whether the world is ready or not, it is rapidly becoming the era of the Pacific and within that China, has a very important role to play and we are excited to be a part of it. We have seen unimaginable leaps in know-how from China over the course of the past few years in so many aspects and sailing is bound to be one of the upcoming leaps. It is extremely motivating for us to be representing China in the luxury watch sector and we are honored and proud to be partnered with ChinaSpirit in what we believe to be one of the greatest and most passionate sports in the world”