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ChinaSpirit selects 'Line 7 Marine' as "Official Clothing Partner".

12 August 2013, Shanghai/Auckland

ChinaSpirit, the exclusive Chinese Multiplatform Performance Sailing Team, based in Shanghai, China and endorsed by the Government, is pleased to announce Line 7 Marine as "Official Clothing Partner" for ChinaSpirit, the Chinese sailing team.

ChinaSpirit is proud to announce a very exciting development for the multiplatform Chinese sailing team, an alliance with Line 7 Marine from New Zealand. Line 7 is one of the world's top sailing gear manufacturers and has made history with sailors in many of the best international regattas. Line 7 Marine is well recognized for their reputation and outstanding sailing clothing.

"It's exciting times for China's exclusive multiplatform sailing team, ChinaSpirit, with the growth of sailing in China continuing through the support of the government for marine tourism, as well as an improvement in infrastructure with the development of marinas throughout the country" said Ms. Noëlle Smulders, CEO of ChinaSpirit.

Ms. Smulders adds: "ChinaSpirit's strive for excellence is a great fit for Line 7's own high performance quality marine clothing. Just like ChinaSpirit, Line 7 Marine displays a consistently high standard of design and fabrication of garments driven by innovation and technology. And ChinaSpirit is about showcasing China's strengths in sports, technological innovation and leadership, all at the same time. It's a perfect fit."

"ChinaSpirit is not only leading their country into the high performance world of international yacht racing they are also ensuring a solid base is built for the sport. Through their support of a sailing academy, education and the promotion of yachting, ChinaSpirit is a team we are proud and delighted to be supporting" said Owen Rutter, Managing Director of Line 7 Marine.

"We already have a strong relationship with ChinaSpirit so this agreement builds on what we have achieved to date and strengthens those ties for the future."

"Building a Chinese sailing academy to promote youth sailing, promoting marine conservation and putting together a true Chinese multiplatform sailing team for world-class sailing events requires that we work with the best in the world and in China" added Ms. Smulders. "Six hundred years ago, China ruled the seas under 'Zheng He', and we believe China is ready to regain that vision and passion to be part of the best in the world when it comes to sailing. These efforts will lead to a foundation to create a Chinese sailing team capable of competing with the best sailors in the world and for China to Make History….Again".

About ChinaSpirit:

ChinaSpirit is the exclusive Chinese Multiplatform Performance Sailing Team, based in Shanghai and endorsed by the Chinese Central government. ChinaSpirit is about "Making History…Again" through total excellence in international regattas, creation of a Sailing Academy to develop Chinese sailing skills and educating on marine conservation and supporting underprivileged youth. ChinaSpirit is about showcasing China's strengths in sports, technological innovation and leadership, all at the same time. ChinaSpirit is about building a Chinese sailing team capable of winning the world's top regattas and improving children's lives. And ChinaSpirit is about sailing, winning and exceeding all expectations. Above all, ChinaSpirit is about excellence.


About Line 7 Marine:

New Zealand designers and manufacturers of high performance quality Marine apparel Line 7 began life in 1963 making wet-weather clothing for sailors. Surrounded by water New Zealander's have always had a connection with the sea with our yachtsmen and women regarded as some of the world's best. Wherever New Zealand sailors have made history Line 7 Marine has been there with them. The America's Cup, Round the World Yacht Races and Olympic Games are but a few of the success stories.

Today Line 7 Marine can be found supporting international teams around the globe and offering quality, style and comfort to more than just the sailing elite. Designed, styled and tested in New Zealand Line 7 offers an extensive range of technical and casual marine wear for men and women on and off the water.


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