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ChinaSpirit exceeds all expectations at Extreme Sailing Series in Brazil

19 November 2013, Shanghai, China

ChinaSpirit, the exclusive Chinese Multiplatform Performance Sailing Team, based in Shanghai, China and endorsed by the Government, took an overall 4th place finish at the Extreme Sailing Series in Brazil. This is the first time that a Chinese team finishes with such standing at an elite international regatta.

ChinaSpirit participated in the Extreme Sailing Series in Brazil, one of the most respected international sailing series in the world, combining the best skippers on the planet competing on state of the art 40 foot catamarans, the Extreme 40.

This is the 3rd time for ChinaSpirit to participate in the Extreme Sailing Series, compared to most teams who have competed for over a year. ChinaSpirit's result shave kept improving month after month, with a 6th place win in August in Cardiff, which in itself was a feat for a new entry team. Followed by a 5th place result in Nice, France in October that also included 2 wins and now, for the 3rd month only and 3rd series, ChinaSpirit took the overall 4th place. So a strong and consistent improvement for ChinaSpirit over the past 3 months.

Phil Robertson, skipper for ChinaSpirit says "We could not have asked for a better start to the Extreme Sailing Series. We have exceeded all expectations of a brand new team and have beaten teams that have been around for years. The whole team has worked tirelessly and done an outstanding job to get to where we are today. We will come back better and stronger next year! Florianopolis has given us different conditions every day. This made it very difficult to adapt to making all the racing extremely close and intense. But we focused and continued to learn, and the results have spoken for themselves".

Noëlle Gahan-Smulders, CEO of ChinaSpirit, adds "This is just another successful step in our vision to "Make History…Again" for China, six hundred years after Zheng He rules the seas".

About ChinaSpirit:

ChinaSpirit is the exclusive Chinese Multiplatform Performance Sailing Team, based in Shanghai and endorsed by the Chinese Central government. ChinaSpirit is about "Making History…Again" through total excellence in international regattas, creation of a Sailing Academy to develop Chinese sailing skills and educating on marine conservation and supporting underprivileged youth. ChinaSpirit is about showcasing China's strengths in sports, technological innovation and leadership, all at the same time. ChinaSpirit is about building a Chinese sailing team capable of winning the world's top regattas and improving children's lives. And ChinaSpirit is about sailing, winning and exceeding all expectations. Above all, ChinaSpirit is about excellence